Why Use Cell Quest Topical Before & After Radiation Treatments

Suffering from irritated, inflamed skin from radiation treatment? This is a common side effect of radiation therapy, and it can be extremely uncomfortable. While treatment options for radiation burns have previously been limited, patients now have a natural option to consider: Cell Quest Topical Gel.

Read on to learn more about how Cell Quest Topical can prevent and soothe damaged skin after radiation therapy. 

Skin Damage From Radiation Treatments

Patients undergoing radiation often experience burns, also known as radiation dermatitis. These burns typically appear after two weeks of radiation treatment and range in severity. 

Radiation dermatitis occurs because radiation treatment can kill healthy skin cells in addition to cancerous cells. This can lead to red, dry, itchy, swollen, peeling, and even blistering skin. In some cases, radiation patients experience skin that’s moist, sore, and more susceptible to infection. 

Unfortunately, it can take two months after stopping radiation treatment for burns to heal. Many physicians prescribe steroid ointments to manage these burns, but prescription-strength steroids come with a risk of side effects, including thinning skin and easy bruising. 

Cell Quest Topical For Radiation Treatments

Cell Quest Topical Gel is a natural alternative to steroid ointments for radiation burns. This remarkable gel can soothe burns after radiation and even prevent burns when it’s applied before radiation treatment. 

When Cell Quest Liquid was found to provide anti-inflammatory and burn-relieving benefits, Cell Quest Topical Gel was born. Just like Cell Quest Liquid, it’s derived from specially-selected musaceas plants, which contain natural plant compounds that support the human immune system. 

Applying Cell Quest Topical Gel before and after radiation therapy can shield your skin from damage and ease any resulting skin irritation. It soothes sensitive skin and encourages healthy skin conditioning with safe, naturally-derived ingredients. 

To learn more about the benefits of Cell Quest Topical Gel, contact us today!