When to Start Thinking About Anti-Aging Products

When is it time to start thinking about anti-aging measures? Some young adults are starting skincare routines in their early- to mid-twenties, but some are wondering if they are jumping the gun. Really, great skincare to minimize wrinkles starts at an even earlier age.

Teen years

How you care for your skin in your teens sets the precedence for your skincare habits in the future. If you don’t care for your skin through pubescent acne, it could also leave you with scarring or skin that is more prone to developing wrinkles with repetitive facial expressions. Start building habits now with a daily routine.

Your twenties

No, you’re not going to see any signs of aging in your mid-20s, but you do need to be thinking about future wrinkles. A good moisturizer is the best gift you can give your future self.

Your thirties

You might start to see a few signs of aging, like crow’s feet. If you don’t want to start using dermal fillers to smooth out those fine lines, you’ll need to start using anti-aging products meant to stop and prevent future wrinkles.

Forties onward

No matter what measures you take, wrinkles will continue to develop, your skin will continue to change, and you’ll face new challenges with texture and radiance. Keep that in mind and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

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