What Makes Cellquest Soap Unique? Learn More Here

CellQuest SoapDid you know that Cellquest makes soap as well as topical gels? There are a lot of benefits to using Cellquest soap because it is medicinal as well as cleansing. Here are some of the ways that Cellquest soap is unique and will help benefit your skin.

Cellquest Topical Components

Cellquest soap isn’t just a cleanser. It also contains the same components that are in the topical gel we offer. This means that the soap is medicinal rather than just a cleanser. It can help with a number of skin conditions including sunburn, and also protects your skin from sun damage with frequent use. Cellquest soap can be used on a daily basis in the shower or as a first aid treatment to cleanse and treat burns and wounds.

Gentle and Soothing for Radiation Patients

Cellquest soap is great for people fighting breast cancer or receiving radiation therapy to the chest, neck, or face. The topical products from Cellquest have been found to soothe ionization burns from radiation treatments. While the topical gel will also help with this, using the soap frequently during your treatment period will help protect your skin and make treatments more comfortable.

Protect Against the Sun

Although Cellquest soap is only 1.6 SPF, it has been shown to protect the skin from sunburn. It can also be used to treat sunburns. The soap, when used frequently, can help protect the skin from sunburn and sun damage while still allowing the rays to soak into the skin for optimal Vitamin D3 absorption.

If you are interested in trying Cellquest soap for yourself, contact us today for more information or to place your order. Cellquest soap is usually a complementary treatment to the topical gel, which is also great to have on hand for first aid.