Unique Wellness Products Powered by CellQuest

Most of us are aware and fully realize the importance of wellness products. Just what are they and what purpose do they serve? The answer is to maintain good health by extending the benefits of good diet habits in association with selected supplements.

There are numerous types of wellness products available and highly promoted in the market. They mostly include “formulations” which are selected combinations of ingredients generally claimed to advance health functions in general and some with emphasis on particular health benefits. Individual “experts” have favored varying proportions of included ingredients in their specific formulations often without verification of their combined effects and interdependent efficacy. Their marketing success often depends more on promotional expenditures than demonstrable benefits.     

Generally, the importance of minerals, vitamins and other food ingredients are best delivered by whole foods in their natural condition. This is the form in which they function best. Optimum absorption (bioavailability) is achieved by means of liquid products. CellQuest Liquid Wellness products are “powered” by “CellQuest” a bio-botanically natural extract derived from musaceas plants (plantain and banana). They
are effective sources of herbal defense compounds (phytoalexins), when processed by
a proprietary extraction method. Such wellness products with “CELLQUEST INSIDE” or “POWERED BY CELLQUEST” constitute the best available form of providing such needs. CellQuest extract exhibits high levels of bioavailability and acts as an efficient carrier in transporting these basic ingredients into the bloodstream as well as supporting the immune system.