The Truth about Sun Exposure and DNA Damage

It’s no secret that the sun can damage the skin, but the actual DNA damage that occurs during sun exposure isn’t as well understood. The skin’s health is vital for many reasons, including to prevent cancer and maintain a youthful, attractive appearance. However, you may not realize that your seemingly harmless time spent outside is actually contributing to significant sun damage and DNA mutations.

The Sun Triggers Cancerous DNA Damage

A 2015 study published by an international team of scientists in Science reported that simple sun exposure has the potential to induce cancerous DNA damage in skin cells. The team discovered that ultraviolet light generates radical species in the skin that utilize compounds derived from melanin, the pigment of the skin that shields from burns and other UV damage. When these radical species harness melanin compounds, they are able to create lesions within DNA that ultimately cause the form of skin cancer called melanoma.

One of the most startling elements of this DNA damage is the fact that the majority of the DNA mutations form hours after UV exposure ends, rather than during your actual time in the sun. This discovery poses major implications for skincare companies that seek to develop topical treatments that heal and protect the skin from sun damage. If such skincare formulas can be customized toward blocking DNA damage, they have the potential to prevent skin cancer formation.

CellQuest Topical Gel

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