The Tropical Gel that Will Save Your Skin

20160708_091535Your skin is one of the most precious parts of your body, and it deserves to be protected at all times. Unfortunately, between harmful environmental factors and toxic ingredients found in common cosmetics, your skin endures stress and damage on a daily basis. Additional conditions like sunburn, bug bites, radiation burns, and itching only make the trauma to your skin worse. Fortunately, there are safe and natural products on the market that can not only combat skin damage but even help the skin heal and rejuvenate.

Making a Plant’s Immune System Work For Your Skin

We are all familiar with bananas and plantains, but only as the fruit sold in the grocery store. Most people don’t realize that the stems of the banana and plantain “trees” actually contain defensive compounds called phytoalexins, which are the liquid components of the plant’s immune system. When those natural defense agents are gathered with a proprietary bio-botanical process, they retain their maximum efficiency and can be utilized to support the human immune system in maintaining the healthy division of cells. This means that when you utilize a skin gel made from natural musaceas plant extract, your body can actually thrive off the plant’s immune system.

Results in Action

Radiation therapy has become a painful and unpleasant yet necessary element of countless cancer treatments. Though the radiation is often able to successfully destroy deadly cancer cells, it also damages everything else in its path, namely the skin. Many radiation patients experience painful dryness, itching, blistering, and peeling of the skin. CellQuest Topical Gel has emerged as the most trusted skin agent that utilizes the musaceas plant to save the skin from such damage. In fact, many breast and neck cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy have reported that the application of CellQuest Topical Gel prevented and/or healed the burns associated with radiation therapy.

This type of topical gel can also tackle sunburn, itching, swelling, rashes, and prickly heat, making it the perfect addition to any first aid kit.