Treat and Soothe Sunburns with CellQuest Before and After Sun Gel

Soothe SunburnsWhile many of us do our best to shield our skin against sunburns, there are times when we forget to apply protection. Sunburns can be painful and unsightly, leading to peeling of the skin. Plus, sunburns cause permanent DNA damage to the skin, which contributes to premature aging and increases the risk of skin cancer. 

If you get caught in the sun without protection, CellQuest’s Before and After Sun Gel can provide relief from burning and discomfort while protecting your skin against further damage. Let’s learn more about this unique topical product and its benefits for use after sun exposure. 

What is a Sunburn?

A sunburn is your skin’s inflammatory response to damage from UV radiation. The sun’s UV rays can damage the outermost layer of the skin after prolonged periods of sun exposure without sunscreen protection. At first, sunburns are typically red, inflamed, and painful, with some severe sunburns causing blistering. When the swelling and pain go away, the skin typically starts to peel. This is the body’s process of shedding damaged cells so that it can replace them with healthy cells.

CellQuest Before and After Sun Gel for Sunburns

The Before and After Sun Gel is derived from the musaceas plant; musaceas are a family of plants that includes bananas and plantains. CellQuest uses a proprietary bio-botanical cultivation and processing method to preserve the plant’s natural defense compounds.  

When you apply the Before and After Sun Gel after unprotected sun exposure, it immediately soothes the sunburn and manages inflammation. The gel is quickly absorbed into the epidermal skin tissues, creating a barrier against further skin damage. Additionally, the gel supports the body’s natural healing process so that new, healthy skin can take the place of sun-damaged skin. 

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