Tips for Protecting Your Skin from the Sun this Summer

It’s virtually impossible to avoid the sun during the summer, especially in Florida’s hot and humid environment. Your skin needs the right protection to endure exposure to UV rays without becoming damaged or diseased. Learn more about the unlikely topical gel capable of preserving the health and appearance of your skin using nothing but plant compounds.

The Sun Triggers Cancerous DNA Damage

According to recent research, it doesn’t take a week of endless sunbathing to sustain significant skin damage. Even casual, everyday sun exposure has the potential to induce cancerous DNA damage in skin cells. Most surprising is the fact that the majority of the DNA mutations form hours after UV exposure ends, rather than during your actual time in the sun. This means that a reliable sunblock is not the only product you need in the summer. You also need an aftercare product to minimize the damage that develops once the sun sets.  

A Sunblock During Time Outside

Sunblocks sit on top of the skin to absorb, reflect, and scatter the sun’s rays away from your skin. They do not enter the skin or the bloodstream. These are also known as mineral sunscreens because they are sourced from natural minerals like titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Though they can be thicker and a bit more difficult to apply to the skin, sunblocks are considered the safer choice because they do not contain harmful chemicals. They are safer for sensitive skin, babies, and toddlers.

Just five sunburns in your lifetime can double your risk of developing melanoma! Protecting your skin should always be a core priority, especially in Florida where the sun shines so intensely most of the year.

CellQuest Topical Gel After Sun Exposure

CellQuest, a natural health company that develops cutting edge products to address significant health concerns with the power of natural ingredients, offers a Topical Gel that can keep the skin healthy and protected from UV damage. The gel uses the liquid defensive compounds of the banana plant’s immune system to help the body block DNA damage triggered by the sun. Apply the Topical Gel after time in the sun to stop skin injuries that would otherwise develop without you even knowing it.

If you’re ready to promote your health and protect your wellbeing with CellQuest, call (877) 565-5566 today to place your order.