Three Ways to Use Cellquest Topical Gel

Cellquest topical gel was developed because the Cellquest liquid formula was discovered to have healing properties when it comes to burns and other skin conditions. There are several different ways that you can use Cellquest topical gel depending on your circumstances and needs. Remember, there is also Cellquest Before and After Sun topical treatment for treating sunburns. Here are the three other ways you can use Cellquest topical gel.

Before and After Radiation Treatment

Many skin cancer, breast cancer, and other cancer survivors are crediting their healthy skin to Cellquest Topical Gel. The topical gel has been proven to minimize the damage that radiation therapy causes to the skin. It can help heal damage after radiation treatments, or it can prevent damage when applied prior to radiation treatments. It can also be used as a general burn ointment.

Burns and Dry Skin

Both burns and dry skin, as well as some other skin conditions, have been shown to show improvement when treated with Cellquest topical gel. You can apply the gel before going outdoors to protect your skin from the sun, treat minor burns with the topical gel as a first aid treatment, or apply to dry skin and skin conditions to promote healing and healthier skin.

Shave Gel

You can also use Cellquest topical gel as a shave gel. It is highly effective as a shave gel for those who have sensitive or dry skin. The topical gel helps to promote healing and soothes skin after the roughness of a shave. The topical gel works well for shaving for both men and women on any part of the body, including the face and bikini areas.

If you are interested in trying Cellquest topical gel for yourself, contact us today for more information or to get started using the products today.