Three Ways Cellquest Topical Gel Can Be Used in First Aid

Whether you have small children, you yourself are accident prone, or you go on many adventures where accidents might happen, you want to have a well-stocked first aid kit. Of course, the fewer items you have to carry, the better. Cellquest topical gel can be used for first aid in a number of ways to eliminate some of the other items you might traditionally carry in a first aid kit.

Burn Applications

Burns from cooking, fires, heaters, open flames, or from other accidents can all be treated with Cellquest topical gel. The topical gel will soothe the burn to decrease pain, as well as remove the heat from the burn so that it doesn’t blister (if applied quickly enough). You can also use the topical gel to keep the burn moisturized and clean to prevent it from drying out or becoming infected. 

Sunburn Treatment

While Cellquest does have a Before and After Sun product, the Cellquest Topical Gel can also be used to treat sunburns. Moderate to severe sunburns can benefit from this topical gel because it will keep the skin hydrated to prevent peeling and clean to prevent infection, as well as provide a soothing, cool feeling to decrease pain.

Cleanse and Protect

You can also use Cellquest topical gel to cleanse and protect minor scrapes and cuts. The topical gel will soothe the area and promote healing. You will need to clean the wound thoroughly before applying the topical gel.

If you are interested in all of the ways that you can use Cellquest topical gel, contact us for more information or see our website for complete ingredient information.