Three Reasons Cellquest Products Are Great for Your Skin

Cellquest products have long been purported by customers to have a very positive impact on the skin. All Cellquest topical products are derived from the same elements from the musaceas plant (plantain and banana). However, different products are geared toward different uses. Here are some of the ways that Cellquest products are great for your skin.

First Aid Treatment

Cellquest first developed the topical gel product because we received word that the Cellquest liquid was successfully used to treat a deep oil burn after an accident in a restaurant. Liquid treatments for burns are not sterile or safe for many reasons. Thus, the topical gel was developed with a sterile pump action bottle. The topical gel can be used to treat any type of burn for first aid treatment. It may also help in healing minor cuts and wounds.

Prevent Sun Damage

The sun damages the skin greatly. Even when you wear sun protection, you may be exposed to massive amounts of UVA and UVB rays from the sun if you spend a considerable time outdoors. While Cellquest Before and After Sun does not have much of an SPF factor, it has been shown to reduce the negative effects of the sun’s rays. Using this Cellquest product before going out in the sun and after coming in from the outdoors will prevent the sun from causing a burn while not blocking the rays that allow for maximum Vitamin D3 absorption, which is important for a number of health reasons.


Some clients of Cellquest have used our topical products to reduce the signs of aging. Customers have found that applying Cellquest topical products help skin look firmer, more supple, and less wrinkled. For that reason, we developed the Musa Visage topical product with the same active ingredients but formulated for general skin health.

If you are interested in trying any of these Cellquest topical products for yourself, contact us today for more information or order from our website.