The Reason CellQuest Topical Gel Should Be in Your Camping First Aid Kit

CellQuest topical gel has many uses and health benefits, but one of the best uses of this gel is as a first aid treatment. The topical gel has many qualities that help it heal small cuts, scrapes, and burns. Healing can be greatly accelerated with use of the gel. Here are some reasons you should include it in your camping and other first aid kits.


CellQuest topical gel can be used as an antiseptic to cleanse small cuts and scrapes before covering with a bandage. This helps reduce the risk of infection.


CellQuest topical gel is very soothing. It can soothe irritated skin, insect bites, small wounds, or burns. If anyone in your household has sensitive skin or a skin allergy, it is a good idea to have this on hand to help soothe the area. Camping always comes with a host of insects, so having something on hand to take away the itch is helpful.

Accelerate Healing

This topical gel has many healing properties that help wounds and burns heal faster. It can also help keep the area clean and protected, which is important when spending time outdoors in the elements.

Burn Treatment

CellQuest topical gel is one of the best burn treatments on the market. While it is not sufficient for serious burns, which should be referred to a medical professional, the gel is able to treat small or minor burns. Applying the gel disinfects the area and removes heat from the burn. If applied quickly enough, the gel may actually be able to prevent blistering. With as much sun and fire as is involved in camping, a burn treatment should definitely be in your camping first aid kit.

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