Skip the “Base Tan” This Summer Season

Perhaps you have heard of something called a “base tan”, a minor tan purposefully obtained before a vacation or extensive sun exposure. It is a prevalent myth that a base tan will reduce burns and help the skin tan more efficiently by boosting the skin’s melanin, which is the pigment that protects from UV damage and influences skin tone. Every single spring, people across the world head to tanning salons and lawn chairs to attain the perfect base tan, but science is quickly debunking this sunny habit.

Base Tans Create More Damage

Scott Kasteler, M.D., put it bluntly: “Getting a base tan before you go on a vacation is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes before you go into a coal mine. All you’re doing is adding to the damage.” According to the U.S surgeon general, a “base tan” creates an SPF protection level of a 3 or less, which virtually does nothing. While a base tan might make it possible to sit in the sun for ten extra minutes before starting to burn, it does nothing to prevent the UV sun damage that is widely known to wrinkle the skin and cause skin cancer.

But the lack of protection afforded by a base tan is only half the problem. The other half lies within public perception. Many people with tan skin believe that they can lounge on the beach or wear tank tops without applying sunscreen because their skin is “protected from burning”. This is the farthest thing from the truth, and only makes risky sun exposure behavior more likely.

The Best Solution

As the new summer season approaches, take this important lesson to heart. Rather than seeking a base tan that will simply accelerate the damage done to your skin, embrace the existing tone of your skin, purchase a reliable broad spectrum sunscreen that will protect your skin from all types of UV rays, and remember to pack a shirt, sunglasses, and large hat on your vacation or pool outing.

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