Proper Nutrition is Critical For Cancer Patients

Cancer was once a rare and poorly understood disease, but it is now so common that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. This is an astonishing statistics, but it isn’t hard to believe.

As cancer becomes more prevalent, experts are learning how to best address its symptoms and treat the disease into remission. Proper nutrition is one of the many essential components required to support the health of cancer patients.

Take Control Where You Can Find It

Cancer takes a great deal of control away from your body, but nutrition is one thing that you can always influence for yourself. Since cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biological immunotherapy are likely to steal your appetite and energy levels, you become more vulnerable to malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.

This is why eating a variety of high-calorie and high-protein foods is so important. Even if you don’t eat a large quantity of foods, make sure the foods you can eat are valuable to your health.

Support Your Immune System

It is well-known that cancer treatments torture the immune system and leave your body at higher risk of serious complications. Proper nutrition offers an easy and continual way to boost your immune system and counteract the negative consequences of cancer treatment. Bran flax muffins for breakfast, protein smoothies for lunch, and salmon for dinner are just a few examples of satisfying and nutritious food choices that deliver valuable vitamins and minerals into the immune system.

Choose the Right Supplement

Talk to your doctor to decide if a nutritional supplement could support your body’s healing processes before and after cancer treatment. CellQuest Liquid, for example, is a nutritional supplement that contains phytoalexins that assist the human immune system in maintaining the healthy division of cells. This unique product is not a formulation, but a direct derivative of a plant.

Call CellQuest to learn more about this nutritional supplement and its potential to enhance your immune system during the time when you need it most. Call (877) 565-5566 to place your order today.