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CellQuest Liquid is a nutritional supplement and the brand name for the natural liquid recovered from specially selected musaceas plants. These plants are botanically classified as “herbs”. Prominent among the largest of herbs, they flourish in tropical regions of the world and account for production of commercial quality plantains and bananas. CellQuest liquid is extracted from the plant structure, storing the natural defense compounds (phytoalexins) that protect the plant from microbes, parasites and fungus. A proprietary bio-botanical cultivation and manufacturing process provides a reservoir of defense compounds, which may assist the human immune system maintaining the healthy division of cells and cellular balance.

Unlike most other supplements, it is not a formulated one but rather a direct and unique product of nature itself, deriving directly from the plant (herb). CellQuest is a good source of potassium, calcium and iron. It also constitutes a good source of manganese, beneficial for both bones and tissues.

In an effort to get the health benefits of our product, we suggest a minimum of 3 bottles ordered for first time buyers.

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THE CELLQUEST LIQUID is derived from the pseudo-stems of specially selected and cultivated musaceas plants (commonly Banana and Plantain) through a proprietary bio-botanical process. Visual perception implies the form of a fruit tree but in actuality the musaceas plant is a giant herb with stalks wound around each other to produce a pseudo tree trunk and berries resembling fruits.

It is unique among plants in general and herbs in particular. It provides both nutritious and medicinal benefits and constitutes a staple food source in the tropics alongside rice in Asia and potatoes in Europe. An Herb providing this broad spectrum of food properties is unique by any measure.

Following proprietary processing, the CELLQUEST LIQUID is extracted from the plant pseudo-stems after bio-botanical generation of plant defense compounds (phytoalexins) has been achieved. The product is not a formulated one and contains the natural liquid removed from the plant. The natural condition of the CELLQUEST LIQUID is maintained in the process and no solvent extraction methods are employed. The phytoalexins (plant defense compounds) may perform a support function in the human immune system and provide good sources of potassium, calcium and iron. The very low levels of sodium improve the sodium/potassium ratio considered important to Cardio health.

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6 reviews for Cell Quest

  1. Shannon Wilson (verified owner)

    I love cellquest so much.

  2. DIANE MOULTON (verified owner)

    I had breast cancer in 2019 and I have been drinking this ever since my last chemo. I mix it with apple juice. I feel better knowing that this is supposed to be helping my cells stay normal.

  3. Solo D.

    Love their liquid product. I have been taking 4 ozs of the CellQuest Liquid Supplement a day mixed with 4 ozs of pomegranate juice. I feel more energetic and i have found it keeps me regular(if you know what i mean!).

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  5. Richard Neuok

    While I’ve only been taking Cell Quest for 3weeks, my phlegm has been reduced considerably. We had visitors for 3 days last weekend and missed a couple of dosses, sure enough, I noticed the phlegms return. Thank you Covid! With only a day’s two ounce dose it’s back to the lower amounts.. Great Stuff!

  6. Hello World!


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