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Cell Quest Topical Gel

CellQuest Topical was developed from the CellQuest Liquid when it was discovered that the liquid extracted in a proprietary process from the musaceas plant exhibited ant-inflammatory and burn relieving properties. Patients undergoing radiation therapy typically suffer associated burns of varying severity. Anecdotal reports indicated both rapid post burn benefits and also burn prevention properties when applied prior to radiation treatment. Several women patients undergoing radiation for breast cancer reported their anecdotal experiences to radiation oncologists. Patients undergoing radiation therapy for head and neck cancers also reported similar outcomes to their oncologists. CellQuest Topical may be applied to several types of skin disorders such as burns, dry itchy skin and other skin disorders. It is also an excellent post shave gel for both men and women. It has a soothing effect on sensitive skin and promotes healthy skin conditioning.


Cell Quest

CellQuest Liquid is a nutritional supplement and the brand name for the natural liquid recovered from specially selected musaceas plants. These plants are botanically classified as “herbs”. Prominent among the largest of herbs, they flourish in tropical regions of the world and account for production of commercial quality plantains and bananas. CellQuest liquid is extracted from the plant structure, storing the natural defense compounds (phytoalexins) that protect the plant from microbes, parasites and fungus. A proprietary bio-botanical cultivation and manufacturing process provides a reservoir of defense compounds, which may assist the human immune system maintaining the healthy division of cells and cellular balance.

Unlike most other supplements, it is not a formulated one but rather a direct and unique product of nature itself, deriving directly from the plant (herb). CellQuest is a good source of potassium, calcium and iron. It also constitutes a good source of manganese, beneficial for both bones and tissues.

In an effort to get the health benefits of our product, we suggest a minimum of 3 bottles ordered for first time buyers.

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Cell Quest Topical Gel

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Cell Quest

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