A Logical Prediction of the Development of Future Medicines

Scientific Reflection by Dr. Gerry Norton

Since the dawn of human existence there has been an instinctive and observed realization that survival depends on food in its available forms. Hunting and farming provided a means of maintaining and prolonging life while defending against predators and the environmental hazards of the times. For our forbears as for us, food provides energy, physical mass and defense against disease through a biological  immune system.

The basic interplay between physiological processes and food chemistry may be defined as synergistic and complementary. Human existence and survival relies on this fundamental relationship. Food provides energy, cellular mass and support of the immune system in the prevention of disease. The inherent immune system  promotes defensive actions as distinct from curative ones. Prevention and cure are specific stages in counteracting diseases. 

Physiological processes including the immune system operate at the cellular level. Food chemistry and cellular interdependence provide the optimum conditions for a balanced system (homeostasis) in a complex of potential reactions, both compatible and conflicting. Such balance and imbalance in resulting biochemistry is caused by external agents, environmental conditions and the internal processing of food.

Reaction pathways produce molecules, which impact disease mechanisms . They may also engage in other “errant” pathways depending on time/concentration factors and manifesting as “side effects”, specifically symptoms of additional disorders. It seems logical to assume that the natural system provides for the enzymatic activity of other components, which prevent such errant migration along malevolent reaction pathways.

In the early part of the twentieth century coincident with the discovery of penicillin, the use of pharmaceutical medicines overtook traditional natural forms such as willow bark “tea” and many herbal remedies. They afforded “chemically” simpler compounds to be applied as medicines more conveniently and consistently. They postulated the concept of an application in the treatment of disease.  Drugs are designed to inhibit the progress of disease through  specific biochemical pathways.  As single compounds, they lack corrective enzymatic  molecules, comprising the multi-component  composition of foods. Consequently, foods comprise an integrated medicinal system, distinct from specific pathway designed pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical drugs should be logically applied to acute diseases requiring emergency treatment as distinct from longer term chronic disease application where the negative effects of time/concentration errant pathways will occur more frequently. Such considerations inevitably lead to a rational concept of meaningful integrative and complementary medicines. The future holds the key to adjunct application of natural plant remedies in addition to emergency pharmaceutical products to help restore homestasis (physiological balance). CellQuest is currently developing techniques and determining ways of achieving these future objectives in remedial medicine.

2 thoughts on “A Logical Prediction of the Development of Future Medicines

  1. I am a 60 yr. old type 1 diabetic (since I was 10 yrs old) in chemo treatment for stage 4 breast cancer with mets to the lungs. A friend is supplying me with Reservatrol, convinced that it will help me. As you can imagine, our finances under the circumstance are tight. What hope can you give me in CellQuest? Is this a miracle treatment that i should go into debt to purchase?

    • Hello Carole, With regard to your use of resveratrol, I believe that this compound possesses the properties of salvestrols as indicated by researchers in England. Their tests show that a malignant cell protective enzyme reverts to attacking the cancer cells. Based on this assumption, the resveratrol may be a good approach. With respect to CellQuest we are prevented by FDA regulations to make any claims to treat disease. However, several customers report positive results. We are not allowed to advise you how to apply your limited budget to health matters. Please go to “youtube” and search for “Cellquest benefits”. Hope this helps you but the decision is yours.

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