How CellQuest Topical Prevents Sun Damage Without a High SPF Rating

The CellQuest Before and After Sun product was formulated based on our original research for the topical applications of this incredible plant. Even though it is to be used just as it sounds, it is important to note that it only has an SPF rating of two, yet our customers swear that it keeps them from getting sunburned. How is this possible?

To understand this, you first have to understand the difference between sunburn and sun exposure. Unless in the shade, your body is being exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun, whether you burn or not. Many people never “burn,” even though they may tan darkly. Regardless of whether the skin is red, irritated, blistered, painful, or just a bit more than than usual, any change in skin tone after sun exposure is a sign that you got too much sun.

Sunscreen and sunblock with SPF 50 or higher is generally recommended for most people, although children should have SPF 70 or higher. These products are designed to block the damaging UV rays so that they can’t damage the skin. Of course, they can’t block all of the damage, and some people with sensitive skin still  get a mild sunburn even with their use.

So where does CellQuest come in? Our Before and After Sun product offers intense hydration and an infusion of important nutrients for protecting and repairing the skin. That means that even where your sunblock or sunscreen fails, your skin may not become red, irritated, or burned.

If you want to give your sunscreen a bit of a boost, apply Before and After Sun on top of your sunscreen. The two will work together to form a protective barrier so that your skin receives the least amount of damage from the sun. And, remember, sun exposure is a problem year-round, not just in the heat of the year. Always be prepared by ordering today.