How CellQuest Topical Helps With Burns

Whether you accidentally touched a hot pan in the kitchen or spent too much time in the sun, burns are painful – and potentially dangerous. Burn injuries can compromise your immune system and even lead to infection. Sunburns, as we all know, can lead to skin cancer. 

From aloe vera to toothpaste, there are many home remedies for burns. But, they can take a long time to work, and results are often disappointing. Next time, reach for CellQuest Topical instead. 

What is CellQuest Topical?

CellQuest Topical is a topical gel formulated with CellQuest Liquid. It was developed when CellQuest Liquid was found to offer burn-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The gel contains phytoalexins from the specially-selected musaceas plants used in CellQuest Liquid

Unlike the liquid, which is a supplement, CellQuest Topical is designed to apply directly onto the skin to soothe sensitivities and encourage healthy skin conditioning. 

How Does CellQuest Topical Help With Burns?

The phytoalexins from musaceas plants in CellQuest Topical likely contribute to its ability to soothe burns. Phytoalexins are the plant’s natural defense compounds, meaning that they fight off microbes, parasites, and fungi that could harm the plant. They’ve been found to support the human immune system. 

Burned skin is the result of the body’s natural immune response. So, CellQuest Topical’s benefits for the immune system make it an effective remedy for burns, as well as other skin disorders. 

Users have reported that CellQuest Topical not only soothes burns, but also offers burn prevention properties. Patients have applied it before radiation treatment to protect their skin against painful burns, with positive results. 

You can purchase CellQuest Topical for burns, along with CellQuest Liquid, Before and After Sun Gel, and CellQuest Soap, online today. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or for assistance with your order.