How CellQuest Liquid Supplement Can Benefit You

We talk a lot on our blog about our effective CellQuest topical products, but the real hero of our product line is the CellQuest liquid supplement. This product was our first offering and the beginning of the research that brought about the topical products you know and love. Here’s what you need to know about how CellQuest liquid supplement benefits you in several ways.


CellQuest liquid is a direct byproduct of the plants that create commercial quality plantains and bananas. As such, they are very high in potassium. Potassium is important for your overall health, especially your heart health. If you have frequent muscle cramps or “Charlie horses” it could be due to a deficiency in potassium. 

Important note: Too much potassium can cause or worsen some heart conditions. You should never take a supplement without talking to your doctor.

Calcium and Manganese

Everyone knows that calcium is important for good bone and joint health, but calcium alone can be very ineffective. The body needs certain compounds to metabolize and make use of certain nutrients. Manganese is a nutrient that metabolizes and promotes use of calcium in the body. Manganese is also effective for improving joint health on its own.


You wouldn’t think of a plant producing bananas as being high in iron, but it really is a good source of this important nutrient. People with certain types of anemia may greatly benefit from an iron supplement.

Boosts the Immune System

Many studies have been conducted regarding the benefits of the Musaceae plants. Some of those studies have indicated that the CellQuest product may boost the immune system by encouraging cell division and cellular balance. More studies will need to be done to confirm this, but many patients claim that it helps them, especially if they are immunocompromised.

If you are in need of a new nutritional supplement that has many potential health benefits, order CellQuest liquid today.