How Can CQ Topical Accommodate Solar Generated Vitamin D Without The Risk of Sunburn

Sun exposure is the most prominent natural vitamin D source. Unfortunately, this presents a difficult conflict: Sun exposure damages the skin and can cause skin cancer, but conventional sunscreen diminishes your body’s absorption of vitamin D from the sun. So, how can you reap the benefits of natural vitamin D without putting your skin at risk?

Enter CellQuest’s Topical Gel. This unique product offers radiation protection without blocking the vitamin D from the sun. In this article, we’ll explain how this is possible. 

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Before we dive into the benefits of the CellQuest Topical Gel, let’s explain why you should prioritize vitamin D. This nutrient contributes to immune function, bone growth, and bone healing, as well as other key body functions. 

As the sun’s rays come into contact with the skin tissue, your body begins to produce vitamin D. Your body uses this nutrient to absorb calcium and phosphorus. It’s also been shown to keep infections at bay, reduce inflammation, and curb cancer cell growth

CellQuest Topical For Vitamin D Without Sunburn

CellQuest Topical Gel and Before and After Sun Gel is derived from musaceas plant, which offers anti-inflammatory and burn-relieving properties. It’s developed using a bio-botanical cultivation process and extraction with a proprietary method, which preserves the plant’s natural defense compounds. Our DNA converts 99.9% of solar photons into harmless heat for a short interval of exposure, depending on skin type. During this interval, the CellQuest gel accommodates beneficial solar rays in the natural  generation of vitamin D. Do not exceed this interval without further adequate protection;   

When it’s generously applied before spending time outside, the CellQuest Topical Gel rapidly absorbs into the epidermal tissues. This forms a barrier against skin damage without inhibiting the tissue’s ability to create vitamin D from the sun. 

With CellQuest Topical Gel and Before and After Sun Gel, you can reap the benefits of vitamin D from the sun while protecting your skin against UV ray damage. To learn more about these unique topical products, contact CellQuest today!