The Healing Benefits of the Musaceae Plant

We have entered into a new era of health and wellness. More than ever before, men and women alike want to achieve true health from the inside out. They understand that the way that they nourish their bodies has a direct effect on their quality of life. If you are always on a quest to deliver powerful nutrients to your body, you’ll be excited to learn about one of nature’s best kept secrets: the Musaceae plant.

Musaceae Plants

Plantains and bananas both come from musaceae plants that belong to a family of flowering plants native to the tropics of Asia and Africa. Most people think of plantains and bananas as nothing more than sweet and healthy fruits, but the truth is that the plants themselves offer a natural liquid that is composed of potent defense compounds called phytoalexins.

When living inside the Musaceae plants, phytoalexins work to fight off external threats like fungi, parasites, and microbes. They function like toxins to the attacking organism, often puncturing the organism’s cell wall, disrupting its metabolism, preventing reproduction, and delaying maturation. Studies have been done to better understand the role of phytoalexins, and in those studies, the plants became more susceptible to infection whenever phytoalexin synthesis was restricted.

Using Phytoalexins to Protect the Skin

It turns out that phytoalexins can be used to protect the skin in the same way it protects plants. When the musaceae compound is used on the human body, it helps to maintain natural physiological balance and healthy cell division. When used as the main ingredient in anti-aging skincare products like CellQuest Musa Visage Age-Defying Serum, phytoalexins helps to repair and refresh the skin.   

Phytoalexins Protect the Body, Too

Phytoalexins and other components of the Musaceae plant also support the immune system with the healthy division of cells. All CellQuest products are made from the natural liquid recovered from the pseudostem of Musaceae plants ater phytoalexins have been elicited by a proprietary bio-botanical process. They are completely unique from other supplements since they are derived directly from the plant and no solvent extraction occurs. Since phytoalexins are preserved in their natural concentrations, Cellquest products deliver a powerful quality and quantity of phytoalexins that improve the health of the body.

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