What is Cellquest? What are its origins? Is it natural?

CellQuest Inc. was incorporated in Florida following discovery of the application of musaceae (plantains and bananas) plant stem liquid in Cuba for the treatment of cancer.  musa plant liquid has been applied as a natural medicine for decades in tropical regions of the world. Even in a crude form it has been traditionally used for common ailments and as a health maintenance drink. In Florida, the musa plant is severely stressed by the sub-tropical climate, rendering it  conducive primarily to medicinal applications. Furthermore, CellQuest bio-botanical cultivation and processing technology provides optimization of natural defense compounds (phytoalexins ) in support of a healthy lifestyle.

What is the composition of Cellquest ?

CellQuest liquid is not a formulated product. It is physically derived from the Musa Plant  without the use of solvents. It is commonly referred to as “plant juice” although unlike fruit juices it is not part of the fruit, but the natural liquid present in the plant stems or stalks. By FDA classification, it is branded as a liquid supplement. The plants stems are botanical reservoirs of aqueous solutions of many organic compounds comprising a defense system against attack by external agents, such as microbes, fungi and parasites. They are collectively referred to as “phytoalexins ”  (defense compounds) , when consumed in support of the human immune system.

What are the structural and botanical characteristics of Cellquest ?

  • Tropical herb related to wheat grass.
  • Flowering and bearing berries (fruit).
  • Tightly wound stalks; not a tree, but an herb.
  • Pseudo-stem structure.

What do musaceae plants look like?

Is CellQuest a food or a Supplement?

  • It is a natural extract of an herbal food, specifically the stalk or pseudo-stem liquid of selected musaceae plants.
  • It involves no solvent extraction.
  • It comprises natural plant water including dissolved compounds categorized as defense agents (phytoalexins).
    maintaining original moisture content.
  • Categorized as a supplement by FDA regulators

Why should I take Cellquest?

Throughout time immemorial, the benefits of the musaceae  plant stem liquid are well known to people dwelling in the Caribbean and various tropical regions of the world. They have reported many traditional remedies from use of crude forms of the liquid with attendant, then unknown bacterial health issues. CellQuest science has developed safe bio-botanical cultivation and processing methods, which ensure safe and effective application of the stem liquid. Early laboratory research at Moffitt Cancer Center indicated potential benefits in supplemental immune support and the clean division of cells. Actual extensive clinical tests would be required by the FDA for application as an approved medicine.

Does Cellquest cause side effects?

There are no known specific side effects, although individual food allergies are always possible over a whole range of diets in human consumption. After more than fifteen years of usage by many customers, no reported issues have been received except for rarely occurring short term loose stools (mild diarrhea) experienced during detoxification. Should any discomforting digestive issues occur, customers are advised to discontinue use of the product until the matter is investigated and resolved. This is a necessary precaution for all interactions between foods, supplements and medications in general. Individual responses vary in both occurrence and severity for all types of allergic effects. It is imperative for us to determine the rare but occasional conflicts in our diets and adjust accordingly.

What did laboratory tests indicate?

  • Inhibition of neuro-blastoma cell growth
  • Induced jurkat cell death in a time, concentration dependent manner
  • Inhibits proteasomal activity in intact jurkat cells associated with induction of apoptosis
  • Inhibition of proteasome activity in intact leukemia cells associated with induction of apoptosis
  • Potent inhibition of alpha glucosidase activity
  • Inhibition of proteasome activity and induced cell death selectively in transformed over normal human fibroblasts
  • In vivo inhibition of adeno-carcinoma tumor growth by 70%

Cellquest: Laboratory Findings


Cellquest: Laboratory Findings


What dosage do I need? What does it cost? How long do I take it?

Dosage depends on the available strength of the individual immune system. Recommended amounts range from 4 ozs daily up to 16 ozs for weakened systems and occasionally more for late-stage conditions.

Please call the office for pricing information.

It is recommended to allow up to six months or good diagnostic results before continuing with the maintenance daily dose of 4ozs.