CellQuest as a Source of Potassium: Why Potassium is Important for Heart Health

Did you know that our CellQuest liquid supplement is formulated with naturally occurring potassium? Potassium is a very important nutrient for nerve function and heart health. It’s easy to overlook this important aspect of your diet, but our liquid supplement gives you a healthy dose of potassium that is generally beneficial. 

Of course, you should never take a supplement of any kind without first checking with your doctor. Some people have to be very careful about their potassium levels, and your doctor may not want you to take a supplement that contains the element. 

Heart health benefits of potassium

Potassium has a lot more to do with heart health than you probably ever realized. In fact, getting the appropriate amount of potassium in your diet through natural sources will help your body regulate blood pressure, which can, in turn, reduce strain on the heart muscle. Potassium is also responsible for moving nutrients into and waste from cells in the body.

Nerve and muscle function

When you think about nerve and muscle function, you think about how your body reacts after physical exertion. But your heart is definitely a muscle, and it benefits from increased muscle function as well. With improved nerve signals and heart function, you’ll experience a more regular heart rate and blood pressure.

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