Tips for Protecting Your Skin from the Sun this Summer

It’s virtually impossible to avoid the sun during the summer, especially in Florida’s hot and humid environment. Your skin needs the right protection to endure exposure to UV rays without becoming damaged or diseased. Learn more about the unlikely topical gel capable of preserving the health and appearance of your skin using nothing but plant compounds.

The Sun Triggers Cancerous DNA Damage

According to recent research, it doesn’t take a week of endless sunbathing to sustain significant skin damage. Even casual, everyday sun exposure has the potential to induce cancerous DNA damage in skin cells. Most surprising is the fact that the majority of the DNA mutations form hours after UV exposure ends, rather than during your actual time in the sun. This means that a reliable sunblock is not the only product you need in the summer. You also need an aftercare product to minimize the damage that develops once the sun sets.   Read More

How to Achieve Proper Sun Protection Before and After Your Time Outside

We all know that the sun’s rays cannot be enjoyed recklessly. Sun protection is a key component of lasting health, especially considering that skin cancer is so prevalent among adults. The best protection from the sun is achieved by taking action before and after your time outside. Using a product like CellQuest Before and After Sun Gel, you can defend against damage and support the recovery of healthy skin.

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CellQuest Education Series: Before and After Sun

Scientific Reflections by Dr. Gerry Norton

CellQuest has developed a dual purpose product primarily to defend against sunburn before it happens and soothe and assist healing after it happens.

Sunburns are the reaction of the body to the direct damage of cellular DNA resulting from the excitation of DNA by UV-B light photons. The resultant formation of a thymine dimer triggers several defensive mechanisms, including DNA repair to reverse the damage and generate more melanin to prevent future occurrences.  Melanin also reduces the generation of free radicals in minimizing the impact to both direct (nuclear) and indirect (mitochondrial) DNA. Read More

The Best Natural Product to Treat Burnt Skin

There are thousands of products available on store shelves right now that make promises of skin healing and rejuvenation, especially after damage caused by burns and other traumatic injuries. However, the majority of those products are developed from synthetic ingredients that cannot stimulate the skin to undergo deep and comprehensive repair. CellQuest Topical is a truly natural product derived from specially cultivated musaceas plants that is capable of effectively protecting and healing the skin.    Read More

Can Plant Compounds Protect Your Skin from Damage?

There are thousands of products available on store shelves right now that make promises of skin protection and rejuvenation, especially in the fight against unwanted signs of aging. Now more than ever, these products are utilizing natural ingredients extracted from plants in order to meet skincare needs in a more effective and innovative way. But would it surprise you to learn that the stems, stalks, and rhizomes of plantain and banana plants are most powerful of all?
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Skip the “Base Tan” This Summer Season

Perhaps you have heard of something called a “base tan”, a minor tan purposefully obtained before a vacation or extensive sun exposure. It is a prevalent myth that a base tan will reduce burns and help the skin tan more efficiently by boosting the skin’s melanin, which is the pigment that protects from UV damage and influences skin tone. Every single spring, people across the world head to tanning salons and lawn chairs to attain the perfect base tan, but science is quickly debunking this sunny habit. Read More

The Truth about Sun Exposure and DNA Damage

It’s no secret that the sun can damage the skin, but the actual DNA damage that occurs during sun exposure isn’t as well understood. The skin’s health is vital for many reasons, including to prevent cancer and maintain a youthful, attractive appearance. However, you may not realize that your seemingly harmless time spent outside is actually contributing to significant sun damage and DNA mutations.

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The Tropical Gel that Will Save Your Skin

20160708_091535Your skin is one of the most precious parts of your body, and it deserves to be protected at all times. Unfortunately, between harmful environmental factors and toxic ingredients found in common cosmetics, your skin endures stress and damage on a daily basis. Additional conditions like sunburn, bug bites, radiation burns, and itching only make the trauma to your skin worse. Fortunately, there are safe and natural products on the market that can not only combat skin damage but even help the skin heal and rejuvenate. Read More