Incredible Skin Care: What You Need to Know About Musa Visage

How can you keep your skin youthful and radiant, even in Florida’s harsh sun? You need a comprehensive at-home skin regimen that uses high quality ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. Though there are countless cosmetic products on the market that claim to have powerful anti-aging properties, it might surprise you to learn that the stems, stalks, and rhizomes of plantain and banana plants are most powerful of all.

What Is the Musaceae Plant?

Plantains and bananas both come from musaceae plants that belong to a family of flowering plants native to the tropics of Asia and Africa. Most people think of plantains and bananas as nothing more than sweet and healthy fruits, but the truth is that the plants themselves offer a natural liquid that is composed of potent defense compounds called phytoalexins.

When living inside the musaceae plants, phytoalexins work to fight off external threats like fungi, parasites, and microbes. They have a toxin-like effect on the attacking organism by puncturing the organism’s cell wall, disrupting its metabolism, preventing reproduction, and delaying maturation. This process is so effective that plants actually became more susceptible to infection whenever phytoalexin synthesis is inhibited in research labs. Read More

Cold and Flu Season: Defending Yourself With Probiotics

When nourished and supported, your body is designed to protect against disease and optimize your wellness. But did you know that keeping your body healthy might require more than just eating your fruits and vegetables? This is especially true during cold and flu season, when everybody around you is getting sick.

Beyond your diet, you can nourish your body with probiotics on a regular basis. Unlike antibiotics, which kill the bacteria in your body in an effort to wipe away disease, probiotics restore your body with the healthy bacteria your gut and other systems need to drive. If you aren’t utilizing probiotics yet to maximize your health, now is the time to start!

Why Is Your Gut Important?

The “gut” is short for the gastrointestinal tract, the long tube that runs through your body and functions like a highway for food. Overall, the gut is responsible for the mechanics that help you digest food. It formulates enzymes to break down food, contracts muscles needed to move food through the body, and much more. When your gut can’t do its job, your entire body suffers.

The gut is made up of an incredible amount of good bacteria that live in the intestines to support the digestion of food. It is thanks to these bacteria that essential vitamins are made available to support brain function, boost the immune system, and other vital tasks. The healthier and more diverse the bacteria in your gut are, the better. Read More

Proper Nutrition is Critical For Cancer Patients

Cancer was once a rare and poorly understood disease, but it is now so common that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. This is an astonishing statistics, but it isn’t hard to believe.

As cancer becomes more prevalent, experts are learning how to best address its symptoms and treat the disease into remission. Proper nutrition is one of the many essential components required to support the health of cancer patients.

Take Control Where You Can Find It

Cancer takes a great deal of control away from your body, but nutrition is one thing that you can always influence for yourself. Since cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biological immunotherapy are likely to steal your appetite and energy levels, you become more vulnerable to malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.

This is why eating a variety of high-calorie and high-protein foods is so important. Even if you don’t eat a large quantity of foods, make sure the foods you can eat are valuable to your health. Read More

Unique Wellness Products Powered by CellQuest

Most of us are aware and fully realize the importance of wellness products. Just what are they and what purpose do they serve? The answer is to maintain good health by extending the benefits of good diet habits in association with selected supplements.

There are numerous types of wellness products available and highly promoted in the market. They mostly include “formulations” which are selected combinations of ingredients generally claimed to advance health functions in general and some with emphasis on particular health benefits. Individual “experts” have favored varying proportions of included ingredients in their specific formulations often without verification of their combined effects and interdependent efficacy. Their marketing success often depends more on promotional expenditures than demonstrable benefits.      Read More

CellQuest Education Series: A Logical Review of Medicines

Scientific Reflections by Dr. Gerry Norton


Types of medicines include pharmaceutical drugs (FDA approved) and natural medicines (foods and food supplements). Their structures and modes of operation are significantly different. Pharmaceutical drugs comprise single molecular structures, while foods comprise a multiplicity of compounds working together. Supplements are formulated with selected ingredients derived from plants and herbs. Pharmaceutical products may also contain plant or herbal extracts, comprising single compounds. In general, diseases may be classified as acute and chronic. Acute diseases are defined as short term events with clearly observable symptoms. Typically, the term is applied to diseases lasting up to three months. The causes of acute diseases are often microbial (viral or bacterial). Chronic diseases refer to long term ailments with no current cure options and requiring essentially, long term medicinal treatments. It seems that while acute diseases become less prevalent because of successful medicines (almost exclusively, approved drugs), chronic diseases undergo ever increasing medicinal treatments of various types and developing discovery.    Read More

The Healing Benefits of the Musaceae Plant

We have entered into a new era of health and wellness. More than ever before, men and women alike want to achieve true health from the inside out. They understand that the way that they nourish their bodies has a direct effect on their quality of life. If you are always on a quest to deliver powerful nutrients to your body, you’ll be excited to learn about one of nature’s best kept secrets: the Musaceae plant.

Musaceae Plants

Plantains and bananas both come from musaceae plants that belong to a family of flowering plants native to the tropics of Asia and Africa. Most people think of plantains and bananas as nothing more than sweet and healthy fruits, but the truth is that the plants themselves offer a natural liquid that is composed of potent defense compounds called phytoalexins. Read More

Don’t Let Your Headaches Hold You Back This Summer

You might be able to push past certain aches and pains on a regular basis, but chronic and recurring headaches have the potential to disrupt your entire routine and send you crawling back into bed. You may notice that your headaches become even worse in the summer, and the last thing that you want is a beach trip or pool party ruined by your pounding skull. Since rising temperatures make the blood vessels in your skull expand and press against the surrounding nerve endings, headaches are unfortunately more common in the summer months. The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to take control of your headaches and enjoy your summer to the fullest! Read More