Cancer Patients Swear by Cellquest

In the last several years, more and more cancer patients have come forward stating that Cellquest liquid supplement and topical gel changed their lives. Although no clinical trials with Cellquest products have been performed, many customers have claimed that Cellquest products improved their outlook, boosted their immune system, and helped counteract the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Here are the ways that cancer patients are saying that Cellquest has helped them.

Topical Gel

The Cellquest Topical Gel is a great treatment for burns and minor cuts, but did you know that it also benefits the skin during radiation treatments? These are the claims of some cancer patients who have tried Cellquest Topical gel. The topical gel soothes the skin before and after chemotherapy and radiation treatments that can leave the skin feeling burned and irritated.

Liquid Supplement

The liquid supplement from Cellquest has been shown to boost the immune system to help prevent common illnesses. People who are undergoing cancer treatments are more susceptible to these illnesses because their immune system is being compromised. The Cellquest liquid supplement can help boost the immune system during this time to try to keep you as healthy as possible.

Before and After Sun

Cancer patients are also more susceptible to the damaging rays of the sun due to their skin’s exposure to radiation therapy. The before and after sun lotion from Cellquest does not have a high SPF. But it does seem to protect against sun damage and burns, and it can boost the skin’s health during this difficult time.

If you are fighting cancer and you are interested in trying Cellquest products for yourself, contact us today for more information or to place your order.