Can Musaceae Plant Extract Fight Cancer?

Musaceae Plant ExtractCellQuest’s proprietary liquid consists of Musaceae plant extract. This extract may help the immune system support healthy cell division and cellular balance. 

Let’s learn more about the medicinal benefits of Musaceae plant extract and how it may contribute to the anticancer activity.  

What is The Musaceae Plant?

Musaceae is the banana family of plants, and it includes approximately 50 plant species. These species are native to Asia, Australia, and Africa. Banana and plantain are the two most common species in the Musaceae family. 

Most would assume from this description that the Musaceae is a fruit tree. However, the Musaceas plant is an enormous herb with interwound stalks that create what looks like a tree trunk and berries that look like fruits.

The Musaceas plant is quite different from other herbs because it provides distinct medicinal benefits as well as being a staple food in many regions. 

Musaceae Plant Extract

CellQuest liquid has a proprietary cultivation and processing technology method for Musaceae plant extraction.. The liquid is extracted from the plant’s pseudo-stem after the plant defense compounds, called phytoalexins, have been bio-botanically generated. The CellQuest liquid contains only the natural liquid removed from the plant, and no solvent extraction methods are used in the process of collecting it. 

Musaceae’s Anticancer Potential

Musaceae plant extract in the CellQuest liquid contains a high amount of phytoalexins, which are plant defense compounds, including condensed tannins, which are medicinal polyphenols. Phytoalexins are produced by plants in response to microbial attacks including parasites and work to stop their development. 

When used for medicinal purposes, phytoalexins may help support the immune system. The polyphenols in the CellQuest liquid, have been observed in laboratory tests carried out by Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, and other studies to inhibit tumor cell proteasome activity. The proteasome is a protein complex that helps regulate proteins that manage cell-cycle progression and apoptosis, or cell death, making it a key focus in cancer treatments. The same research also indicated that CellQuest targets and inhibits proteasomes specifically in tumor cells, potentially leading to anticancer activity.