Boost Your Immune System Naturally With CellQuest Before You Get Sick

The peak season for viral infections is upon us. To avoid getting sick and missing out on your favorite activities this season, consider CellQuest for a stronger immune system. CellQuest’s proprietary formula contains natural defense compounds and nutrients that can bolster your immune system for better health in the coming months. 

Phytoalexins Boost Your Body’s Defense

The musaceae plant contains powerful phytoalexins, which are substances produced in plant tissues. Phytoalexins defend plants from harmful microorganisms, like parasites, by suppressing their growth. 

Since CellQuest liquid is derived from specially selected musaceae plants, it contains a high concentration of phytoalexins. These natural defense compounds can support the human immune system so that it more effectively fends off foreign invaders. The phytoalexins in CellQuest can also support your body’s immune function by helping you retain cellular balance and healthy cell division!

Vitamins and Nutrients for a Stronger Immune System

In addition to phytoalexins, CellQuest provides a high dose of many vitamins and nutrients that support the health of your immune system. Some of these nutrients include:

  • Calcium

Calcium helps regulate your body’s immune responses. This nutrient is involved in the early signals that tell the immune system to fight a threat.  

  • Potassium

Potassium helps with the sending of signals both in and between cells. When these signals are effectively sent and received, immune activity is better directed throughout the body. 

  • Iron

Iron is crucial to the development of immune cells. When these cells effectively develop and mature, your immune system can better respond to infections.  

  • Manganese 

Manganese boosts the immune system and, therefore, bolsters your body’s defense against foreign threats. Additionally, manganese helps your body make use of vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine, and choline.

To place your order of CellQuest for greater health throughout the season, contact us today!