Is Your Body Alkaline? It Needs to Be!

15570363 - human body high low battery isolatedNobody wants to get sick or constantly feel zapped of energy. And while we all know the smart choices we should make each day to avoid feeling so worn down, it isn’t always easy or possible. Unfortunately, that means we aren’t treating and feeding our bodies the way they were designed to function, which leads to a host of unpleasant health discomforts and more serious diseases. More and more people are starting to acknowledge the role of an alkaline body in avoiding these ailments. So what exactly is alkalinity, and how can you achieve it in your body?

Defining Alkaline

Alkaline is the opposite of acidic on a pH scale. Conventional Western medicine rarely takes pH into consideration, but it plays such a vital role in health that most of us don’t realize that a chronic pH imbalance will leave our bodies weak and susceptible to disease. The foods and drinks you choose each day directly influence the amount of acid in your body. Soda, for example, is very acidic, so a heavy soda drinker will struggle to neutralize that acid in the body.

Common Problems Caused By Too Much Acid

When your body isn’t alkaline, you might experience headaches, depression, a weaker immune system, weight gain, digestive problems, blood sugar fluctuations, dry and wrinkled skin, and even osteoporosis and arthritis. The body will “steal” minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from the bone and muscles in an effort to keep the body in balance, so chronic acidity is believed to accelerate osteoporosis and arthritis.

Get Back to Alkalinity

As you can guess, eating healthy foods and sticking to water is the first step to bring your body closer to an alkaline state. However, it’s not always possible to overcome chronic acidity without some type of supplement that uses ionic minerals to bring pH levels back into balance. An active minerals supplement, for example, will nourish the body in a way nothing else can so that your body can finally feel in harmony with itself. You will be amazed to notice how much better your gut feels, the ease with which you can lose weight, the radiance of your skin, and your improved mood, all from achieving alkalinity.


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  1. Wow, this is a great article. I didn’t realized that my frequent headaches, weight gain and digestive problems are connected to being acidic. Thank you for this one and will definitely come back for more updates.

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