Proper Nutrition is Critical For Cancer Patients

Cancer was once a rare and poorly understood disease, but it is now so common that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. This is an astonishing statistics, but it isn’t hard to believe.

As cancer becomes more prevalent, experts are learning how to best address its symptoms and treat the disease into remission. Proper nutrition is one of the many essential components required to support the health of cancer patients.

Take Control Where You Can Find It

Cancer takes a great deal of control away from your body, but nutrition is one thing that you can always influence for yourself. Since cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biological immunotherapy are likely to steal your appetite and energy levels, you become more vulnerable to malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.

This is why eating a variety of high-calorie and high-protein foods is so important. Even if you don’t eat a large quantity of foods, make sure the foods you can eat are valuable to your health. Read More

Unique Wellness Products Powered by CellQuest

Most of us are aware and fully realize the importance of wellness products. Just what are they and what purpose do they serve? The answer is to maintain good health by extending the benefits of good diet habits in association with selected supplements.

There are numerous types of wellness products available and highly promoted in the market. They mostly include “formulations” which are selected combinations of ingredients generally claimed to advance health functions in general and some with emphasis on particular health benefits. Individual “experts” have favored varying proportions of included ingredients in their specific formulations often without verification of their combined effects and interdependent efficacy. Their marketing success often depends more on promotional expenditures than demonstrable benefits.      Read More

(W)HEALTH Management

The title of this article says it all. When the established system of medical practice is viewed realistically, it must be concluded that two objectives are in play.  “Health”Management in the sense of achieving physical wellness and “Wealth” Management in the sense of optimizing associated financial rewards, which are clearly at odds with each other. It is a critical issue with regard to medicines. Should both objectives merit equal consideration or does public health demand priority on ethical grounds?  Given the choice of how tax revenue is applied, a majority would likely put health matters in first place or jointly alongside national defense.  Addressing these objectives depends on resolution of opposing views between “government managed” or “privately operated” systems.   Read More

True Medicines: By Design or Nature?

In order to distinguish between “medicine” referencing the practice of diagnosing and healing bodily ailments on the one hand and specific remedies such as prescription drugs and dietary products on the other, the following definitions are proposed.  The term “medicine” should apply to the practice of medicine specifically and the plural form “medicines” to remedial substances.  Consequently, the subject title “True Medicines” refers solely to remedies.

Since the dawn of human existence, there has been an instinctive and observed realization that survival depends on food in its available forms. Hunting and farming provided a means of maintaining and prolonging life while defending against predators and the environmental hazards of the times. For our forebears as for us, food provided energy, physical mass and defense against disease through a biological immune system.      Read More

Tips for Protecting Your Skin from the Sun this Summer

It’s virtually impossible to avoid the sun during the summer, especially in Florida’s hot and humid environment. Your skin needs the right protection to endure exposure to UV rays without becoming damaged or diseased. Learn more about the unlikely topical gel capable of preserving the health and appearance of your skin using nothing but plant compounds.

The Sun Triggers Cancerous DNA Damage

According to recent research, it doesn’t take a week of endless sunbathing to sustain significant skin damage. Even casual, everyday sun exposure has the potential to induce cancerous DNA damage in skin cells. Most surprising is the fact that the majority of the DNA mutations form hours after UV exposure ends, rather than during your actual time in the sun. This means that a reliable sunblock is not the only product you need in the summer. You also need an aftercare product to minimize the damage that develops once the sun sets.   Read More

How to Achieve Proper Sun Protection Before and After Your Time Outside

We all know that the sun’s rays cannot be enjoyed recklessly. Sun protection is a key component of lasting health, especially considering that skin cancer is so prevalent among adults. The best protection from the sun is achieved by taking action before and after your time outside. Using a product like CellQuest Before and After Sun Gel, you can defend against damage and support the recovery of healthy skin.

The Sun and DNA Damage Read More

Should Pharmaceutical Drugs Always Be Used to Treat Disease?

It is common in our modern society to limit the treatment of disease to approved pharmaceutical drugs, but that method is neither logical nor justified. The truth is that other treatment methods have been successfully utilized to improve human health for centuries, often without the side effects that we witness with pharmaceutical drugs. Overall, the universal doctrine of treating diseases only with approved pharmaceutical drugs simply cannot be justified on scientific grounds. Read More

The Best Ways to Support Your Immune System During Allergy Season

If you have bad seasonal allergies, you known the instant that winter changes over to spring. As your eyes turn red, itchy, and swollen and you start to sneeze compulsively, you know that you’re in for a miserable few months. But there is some good news, too! By supporting your immune system now, you can minimize the impact of seasonal allergies and step outside each morning without trepidation.

Why Do Seasonal Allergies Form? Read More

Avoiding Health Risks for Seniors

Scientific Reflections by Dr. Gerry Norton

Even though seniors (65+) represent about 13% of the population, they use more than one third of prescription drugs. It is even more significant when it is realized that the risks associated with both prescribed and over the counter drugs are dramatically higher among seniors than with the general population. Physicians should expect adverse drug reactions (ADR) as much as 50% for seniors using 5 or more prescription drugs per day. Clearly, risks are much more significant when prescribing drugs to seniors. The medical profession recommends slow and frequent monitoring of prescription drugs when treating ailments among seniors as a means of managing senior health matters. Are these so called precautions enough to safeguard the health of aging patients? Read More

How to Boost Your Immune Support During Flu Season

Though the weather in Florida belies the fact that it is winter, the truth is that flu season is still in full force. It is never too late to strengthen your immune system in an effort to avoid the flu, but where should you begin? These three tips will get you started.

Get the Flu Shot

Though the flu shot doesn’t provide a guarantee that you will remain healthy, doctors agree that it can still help boost your body’s ability to fight the influenza virus. The flu shot is composed of dead flu cells, and those dead cells help your immune system fight the real flu when it creeps into your body. By protecting yourself, you are really protecting others as well because you are less likely to pass the flu onto other vulnerable people like children and the elderly. Read More