The Best Natural Product to Treat Burnt Skin

There are thousands of products available on store shelves right now that make promises of skin healing and rejuvenation, especially after damage caused by burns and other traumatic injuries. However, the majority of those products are developed from synthetic ingredients that cannot stimulate the skin to undergo deep and comprehensive repair. CellQuest Topical is a truly natural product derived from specially cultivated musaceas plants that is capable of effectively protecting and healing the skin.   

Musaceae Plants

Would it surprise you to learn that the stems, stalks, and rhizomes of plantain and banana plants hold incredible healing powers for the skin? Plantains and bananas both come from musaceae plants that belong to a family of flowering plants native to the tropics of Asia and Africa. Most people think of plantains and bananas as nothing more than healthy fruits, but the plants themselves actually offer a natural liquid that is composed of potent defense compounds called phytoalexins.

When living inside the musaceae plants, phytoalexins work to fight off external threats like fungi, parasites, and microbes. They function like toxins to the attacking organism, often puncturing the organism’s cell wall, disrupting its metabolism, preventing reproduction, and delaying maturation. Studies have been done to better understand the role of phytoalexins, and in those studies the plants became more susceptible to infection whenever phytoalexin synthesis was inhibited.

Using Phytoalexins to Protect and Repair the Skin

It turns out that phytoalexins can be used to protect the skin in the same way it protects plants. When the musaceae compound is used on the human body, it helps to maintain natural physiological balance and healthy cell division. CellQuest Topical was actually developed from the original CellQuest Liquid Supplement when it was discovered that this natural extract from the musaceas plant achieved rapid burn relief for a deep fry oil accident in a restaurant. The chef’s injured hand and arm recovered without a single blemish or blister after constant bathing in the CellQuest Liquid Supplement.

This inspired research that led CellQuest to develop a topical form of its supplement liquid that could be specifically utilized on the skin. This topical product is used as a first aid component, dry shave gel, and dermatological repair treatment.** For further information or to order CellQuest Topical directly, call toll free at 1-877-565-5566 today! It’s the solution your skin has been waiting for.

**This product has not been approved by the FDA. CellQuest Inc. makes no claims to treat or cure any skin disease.