Benefits of CellQuest Liquid

The CellQuest liquid is derived directly from musaceae (or “musa”) plants. This family of flowering plants, which is native to the Asian and African tropics, produces both bananas and plantains. When the liquid from the musa plant is cultivated and consumed in the form of our CellQuest liquid supplement, it provides numerous benefits for your health and wellness. Some of these benefits include:  

Derived Directly from Florida-Grown Plants

One important benefit of the CellQuest liquid is its purity. The liquid is derived directly from musa plants grown in Florida for purity and potency. The subtropical climate here in Florida creates stress in the plants, which generates more phytoalexins (natural defense compounds). It’s thereby completely independent of the fruit, which has a chemistry that’s nutritionally beneficial, rather than medicinal.  

CellQuest liquid isn’t formulated — it’s a unique product that comes from nature itself. We use a proprietary bio-botanical cultivation and manufacturing process to ensure that all of the health benefits of the musa plant, including the plant’s phytoalexins, are packed into our natural liquid supplement. 

Great Source of Essential Nutrients

The musaceae plant is rich in nutrients that can greatly benefit your health and wellness. The CellQuest liquid contains these nutrients so that you can easily consume them as a supplement. The main nutrients found in CellQuest include:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Manganese 
  • Copper
  • Boron
  • Selenium

Improved Immune Health

The phytoalexins found in the musa plant are readily available for the body in our CellQuest liquid. In musa plants, phytoalexins work to fend off parasites, microbes, fungi, and other threats to the health of the plant. In the human body, phytoalexins help maintain healthy cell division, which in turn supports healthy immune function.

When you take a dose of the CellQuest liquid supplement every day, you’ll be gaining the “defensive compounds” of the musaceae plant to improve your immune system’s resilience. Additionally, phytoalexins improve natural physiological balance. This will help protect and repair your skin so that you shine from the inside out. 

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