6 Potassium Deficiency Symptoms

Potassium is a mineral that’s essential for optimal health. It contributes to the function of your nerves and muscles, as well as the regularity of your heartbeat. Potassium even helps transport nutrients into and waste out of your cells. 

Unfortunately, your body can’t produce its own potassium. So, you need to get enough potassium through your diet and supplements. If you don’t consume enough potassium, you may start to experience symptoms of a potassium deficiency. 

Six of the most common symptoms of potassium deficiency include:


Low potassium levels can change how your body utilizes nutrients. These changes can lead to fatigue and weakness. These are often the first signs of a potassium deficiency. 

Muscle Spasms, Cramps, and Twitches

Potassium helps transmit signals from your brain to trigger muscle contractions. Potassium also stops these contractions when it departs the muscle cells. So, without enough potassium, your brain may have trouble effectively sending these signals, which can result in muscle cramps, spasms, and twitches. 

Digestive Issues

Low potassium levels lead to weaker contractions in the digestive system. This hinders digestion and may lead to constipation and bloating, among other digestive issues.  

Abnormal Heartbeat

Given that potassium helps keep your heartbeat regular, a potassium deficiency may cause abnormal heart rhythms. Also known as heart arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat requires prompt medical care.  

Numbness and Tingling

A potassium deficiency may cause numbness and tingling, especially in the extremities (hands, feet, arms, and legs). Occasional numbness and tingling are normal (such as when your foot falls asleep), but when these symptoms become persistent, it may indicate a more serious issue. 

Trouble Breathing

To breathe, your body must use several different muscles. Since potassium helps manage muscle contractions, potassium deficiency can keep your lungs from expanding and contracting normally, leading to breathing problems.  

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