3 Ways to Make Radiation Therapy More Comfortable

Radiation therapy is a common treatment for many cancers. While the therapy can help to reduce cancer or put it into remission, the side effects of radiation therapy can be harsh to your body. Your skin can suffer the most from radiation therapy, particularly the area at the site of the radiation. It is important that you care for your skin during this time.

Wear Loose Soft Clothing

One of the best things you can do to make radiation therapy more comfortable is to wear loose and soft clothing. Cotton and silk are much softer and gentle on the skin than denim or wool. Wearing such soft clothing in loose t-shirts and pants will help keep your skin from being irritated.

Washing and Drying

Be careful how you wash and dry your skin. You should wash with warm, not hot, water. You should also use a very mild soap, preferably one that is designed for sensitive skin. Gently wash the area with soap and water, avoiding the use of items like loofas. When finished, you should pat yourself dry rather than rubbing your skin with the towel. If you are having radiation therapy on your head, you should not use a blow dryer or rub your hair too roughly to dry it.

Cellquest Topical Gel

The Cellquest topical gel is a great addition to your skin care regimen during radiation therapy. This topical gel is formulated to have burn relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. This gel also has burn prevention properties when applied just prior to radiation treatment. The gel has a very soothing effect on irritated skin, and will not interfere with radiation therapy treatments.

To learn more about Cellquest topical gel and how it can help you with your radiation therapy, visit our website today. This gel is reasonably priced and can greatly benefit your skin during this trying time.