3 Great Ways to Support Your Immune System During Winter

Wintertime is by far the most common time for people to fall ill. As everyone stays indoors, close contact with others leads to illness. In addition, your immune system is often more compromised during the colder months due to a lack of sunshine and vitamins. There are several things you can do to support your immune system in the winter and throughout the year to ensure you stay healthy.

Get More Sleep

Your body rejuvenates when you are sleeping. It is while you are asleep that that your body heals, and new cells are developed. If you aren’t getting enough sleep and often feel run down or tired, you are doing your immune system a disservice. Make sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep every night – more, if you are still feeling tired.

Wash Your Hands

You should make sure you are washing your hands frequently, not just after trips to the bathroom or between meals. Most illnesses are spread through bacteria and viruses that we pick up through our hands. Frequent hand washing will help eliminate bacteria and allow your immune system to focus on fighting off airborne bacteria and viruses.

Enhance Your Diet

Often in the winter it is tempting to eat “comfort food” that is not necessarily healthy. Many people are deficient in Vitamin C and Vitamin D during the winter months. Fruits with Vitamin C are not as readily available in the winter, and you are not getting as much sunlight, which affects Vitamin D. Making sure you are eating a healthy diet will boost your immune system.

If you know that you aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals you need from your food, you might consider supplements. Vitamin C and D supplements are readily available. Adding supplements such as Cell Quest will also support your immune system.