3 Common Uses for Cellquest Topical Gel

Cellquest Topical Gel is a unique first aid treatment that has many applications. If you are just discovering Cellquest, you might be wondering what it can be used for. The topical gel can be used as a treatment or a preventative measure. Here are the three most common uses for Cellquest Topical Gel.

Sunburns and Ionization Burns

Cellquest Topical Gel is a great natural treatment for sunburns. The topical gel will soothe the skin and make it more comfortable. It will also help to heal the skin from the burn and keep the skin moisturized and protected. Cellquest Topical Gel can also be used to treat ionization burns from radiation treatments for those fighting against certain types of cancers.

First Aid

The topical gel is also a great item to keep in your household or camping first aid kit. Burns are common in a household or when on a camping trip or other outing. Anytime you are working with fire or a heat source you are at risk for getting a burn. It is best to be prepared by having Cellquest topical gel on hand. The topical gel works as a cleanser, antiseptic, soothing agent, and healing agent.


Cellquest Topical Gel isn’t just for after you get a burn. It will also help protect your skin from burns. Even though the SPF of Cellquest is very small, it has been shown to help protect skin from sunburn when used religiously when you will be outdoors. It has also been shown to help protect skin when applied before radiation treatments.

Don’t hesitate. Add Cellquest topical gel to your first aid supplies today. If you have additional questions about the benefits of Cellquest topical gel, feel free to contact us for more information.