CellQuest Education Series: Before and After Sun

Scientific Reflections by Dr. Gerry Norton

CellQuest has developed a dual purpose product primarily to defend against sunburn before it happens and soothe and assist healing after it happens.

Sunburns are the reaction of the body to the direct damage of cellular DNA resulting from the excitation of DNA by UV-B light photons. The resultant formation of a thymine dimer triggers several defensive mechanisms, including DNA repair to reverse the damage and generate more melanin to prevent future occurrences.  Melanin also reduces the generation of free radicals in minimizing the impact to both direct (nuclear) and indirect (mitochondrial) DNA. Read More

CellQuest Education Series: A Logical Review of Medicines

Scientific Reflections by Dr. Gerry Norton


Types of medicines include pharmaceutical drugs (FDA approved) and natural medicines (foods and food supplements). Their structures and modes of operation are significantly different. Pharmaceutical drugs comprise single molecular structures, while foods comprise a multiplicity of compounds working together. Supplements are formulated with selected ingredients derived from plants and herbs. Pharmaceutical products may also contain plant or herbal extracts, comprising single compounds. In general, diseases may be classified as acute and chronic. Acute diseases are defined as short term events with clearly observable symptoms. Typically, the term is applied to diseases lasting up to three months. The causes of acute diseases are often microbial (viral or bacterial). Chronic diseases refer to long term ailments with no current cure options and requiring essentially, long term medicinal treatments. It seems that while acute diseases become less prevalent because of successful medicines (almost exclusively, approved drugs), chronic diseases undergo ever increasing medicinal treatments of various types and developing discovery.    Read More