Skip the “Base Tan” This Summer Season

Perhaps you have heard of something called a “base tan”, a minor tan purposefully obtained before a vacation or extensive sun exposure. It is a prevalent myth that a base tan will reduce burns and help the skin tan more efficiently by boosting the skin’s melanin, which is the pigment that protects from UV damage and influences skin tone. Every single spring, people across the world head to tanning salons and lawn chairs to attain the perfect base tan, but science is quickly debunking this sunny habit. Read More

The Truth about Sun Exposure and DNA Damage

It’s no secret that the sun can damage the skin, but the actual DNA damage that occurs during sun exposure isn’t as well understood. The skin’s health is vital for many reasons, including to prevent cancer and maintain a youthful, attractive appearance. However, you may not realize that your seemingly harmless time spent outside is actually contributing to significant sun damage and DNA mutations.

The Sun Triggers Cancerous DNA Damage Read More