Three Signs You Need to Take a Mineral Supplement

mineral-supplementsMinerals are critical but often overlooked components to strong, lasting wellness. It’s very possible that you might need a mineral supplement to nourish your body beyond what you eat and drink. Here is how you can tell!

First: What Are Minerals, Exactly?

Just like vitamins, minerals play many critical roles in the maintenance of your body’s functions and growth. Minerals are elements in their simplest form, like iron, magnesium, and selenium. All nutrients in the body, including vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and sugars cannot function properly without minerals. Read More

Three Things You Never Knew about Your Immune System

46049812 - immune system conceptMost of us take our immune systems for granted until we get sick and we realize just how much we rely upon our bodies to protect us from illness and disease. In our chronically rushed, exhausted, and drive-thru society, it can be very challenging to support your immune system as you should, especially if you don’t really understand it. These three surprising facts might change your views and encourage you to give your body some more TLC. Read More